2019 Pinty & Tenny Awards!

As of January 14, 2020


Our favorite glassware are back for their SECOND ANNUAL awards show, honoring Barcade’s finest new pours in 2019! After months of careful consideration, Barcade’s owners, managers, and beer buyers reported back to our beer-filled-buddies with the results. And yes, we included two of our own exclusive beers in this best-of list!

Feast your eyes on the very best 2019 had to offer:


Abita French Quarter IPA

“Brewed with rye, anise, lemon, and Peychaud’s Bitters to invoke the flavors of the famous Sazerac cocktail of New Orleans. This beer was brewed exclusively for Barcade.” ?

Beachwood Full Malted Jacket

“FULLY malted, with flavors of roasted nuts, coffee, chocolate, and smoked peat.”

Bell’s Song of Myself

“The first in an ongoing series of beers inspired by the poetry of Walt Whitman, this IPA was brewed exclusively with German malt and hops for an earthy, complex flavor.”

Bell’s Uberon

” ‘It’s like Uber for Oberon!’ — This beer takes Bell’s Oberon, and ages it in bourbon barrels!”

Cape May Mop Water

“Brown Ale brewed with cinnamon, nutmeg, all-spice, ginger, and vanilla. Perfect for cool autumn evenings and bitter winter nights. Gross name. Great beer!”

Enegren Oktoberfest

“The best for the ‘Fest, with flavors of sweet malt, honey, and toasted nuts.”

Flying Fish Fried Ice Cream Stout

“A liquid take on a classic Philly-born treat. Smooth and sweet, deceptively so!”

Fremont Lush IPA

“Lush flavors from this Seattle brewery include orange rind, biscuit-y malts, and fresh cut grass.”

Interboro Slang Rap Democracy

This Imperial IPA was brewed in collaboration with Equilibrium and Evil Twin, with flavors of citrus peel, peach ring candy, and honeydew melon.

Jolly Pumpkin Cerveza Cereza 4 Dayza

“Sporting one of the best names on the list, this sour Saison is aged in oak and brewed with coriander, grains of paradise, Michigan cherries, and limes.”

Kern River Chuuurch!

“Our first time tapping Kern River, with the opening of our Los Angeles location in 2019—this beer has flavors of citrus rind, herbs, guava, and pine.”

Lawson’s Sip of Sunshine IPA

“Sip of Sunshine has a cult following within the Green Mountain state and contributes to the great “beer-muda” triangle of Vermont breweries. The overall balance of hops in combination with fresh fruit flavors, Sip of Sunshine is a great beer representation of Lawson’s and Vermont beer overall.”

Rogue Batsquatch

“Named for the elusive winged, ape-like creature thought to wander in the ashes of Mt. St. Helen’s, this hazy IPA packs a punch.”

Russian River Intinction

“Russian River Intinction — The newest “-tion” sour, aged with Napa Valley Sauvignon Blanc grapes, does not disappoint!!”

Surly Todd The Axe Man

“Surly has been making top notch brews for many years, and this was the first beer distributed to New York. Extremely well balanced malty, citrusy, and pine-y flavors in this IPA kept customers (and staff) coming back for more!”

Victory Rye Score 2.0

“We scored high with the first batch, so we brought it back! Aromas and flavors of rye, wheat, fresh bread, nuts, and banana. This beer was brewed exclusively for Barcade.” ?

Zero Gravity Conehead IPA

“Don’t be a conehead—try this one! Aromas and flavors of tropical fruit, fresh cut grass, and grapefruit pulp.

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