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Barcade® The Original Arcade Bar logo with #barcade hashtag


Do I have to be over 21 to come in?

Yes. Everyone must be 21 and over with a valid physical identification card or international passport except during designated Family Days. View listings at Please note: IDNYC is not acceptable as proof of age.

Do you accept credit cards and/or have an ATM on site?


Why do you need to hold my ID if I have a credit card tab open?

So you don’t forget to sign your tab and leave your credit card behind! This policy applies to all customers at all times of the day.

What games do you have?

Please see our Games page.

How much are the games to play?

Our games accept Barcade tokens only. Each token costs 25¢. Most of the games are 1 token to play.

Why don’t you have this game (insert name)?

Games rotate quite often. If you have a suggestion, email us.

Do you have pinball machines?

Yes! Please see our full Barcade location game list.

How do I get tokens?

We have at least two token machines on site. They accept anything from a $1 bill to a $20 bill.

Can I redeem my tokens for cash?

No, Barcade tokens are non-refundable and have no cash value. They never expire however, and are good at any Barcade location.

I went to one of your locations and two games ate my tokens and another had a broken button. What’s up with that?

Our games are 20-40 years old and do break quite frequently. We always have a manager on staff who can address an issue you may have with a game. Just ask at the bar or look around for an employee. Its important to always let us know if you have a problem with a game as it will help us address the issue promptly.

Do you serve food?

We sell food at all of our locations except in Brooklyn (bar snacks are available there).

Do you take reservations and/or have party or group pricing?

We do. Some restrictions apply. You may inquire and reserve on our Book a Party page.

What is the best way to inquire about having a party or special event at one of the Barcade locations?

Visit our Book a Party page.

Do you sell gift cards?

Yes! They can be purchased on location or online. Gift cards can be used at all Barcade® locations.

Is there a cover charge to get in?


Is there live music?

No. But we do play a very eclectic mix of rock music!

Do you own the name “Barcade”?

Yes, Barcade is a registered federal and international trademark.

Why do you call yourselves “The Original Arcade Bar”?

We are certainly not the first bar in history to have arcade games in it. However, we opened in October 2004 with a business model specifically aimed at combining a craft beer bar and a classic arcade. Our original location is widely credited as the inspiration behind the current arcade bar trend and for popularizing the concept.

Can I license a Barcade franchise?

Barcade is a privately owned company. We do not currently have plans to offer franchise locations.

Will you buy my old video game?

Possibly. If you have a game to sell, send details and photos to

Will you buy my barn FULL of video games?

Yes! Send an email to us at

Do you rent games for film/TV/photo shoots or events?

Possibly. We have an extensive inventory of games from all eras. Email us at

I have a general question or concern for Barcade. What is the best way to contact Barcade?

Email us at

Barcade® The Original Arcade Bar logo with #barcade hashtag

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